Well, it looks like we've established ourselves as the quintesntial little "dinner theatre/comedy club" at this point and that feels great. Performers are loving being in a room where the audience is so respectful and audiences are grateful for the opportunity to see their favourite performers in such an intimate venue.  So thank you everyone for being a part of this great little place of ours.

And more good news is the calliber of performers keeps getting better and better AND our ability to use the space to raise funds for local charitable organizations is working for everyone.  Plus, Chef Zach will prepare you a delicious meal to enjoy while seeing a show.  It's kind of a win win.  Who knew.  You don't have to JUST have crappy food while seeing awesome comedy, jazz, or one person shows.  We are waaaay beyond pub food so add that to you show experience and you will full of food for the mind/ears/heart and the belly!  WOWZA! 

So come by and enjoy a show and dinner and drinks.   Because you CAN have it all at The Flying Beaver!

Thanks as always,

Maggie and Heather

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